Tooth Fairy Cat

My daughter came home last night with a tooth in her backpack :) She asked if the tooth fairy would visit her. She’s 10, and knows full well who the tooth fairy is…but that doesn’t take away from the magic.

I made this card right in front of her last night while we had crafty time together. I don’t think she quite connected the dots on what I was doing:




Inside the card it says,

Dear Abigail,

I am not the tooth fairy. I am a tooth fairy cat. That’s even better. I have batted away your tooth to play with.


Tooth fairy cat.

PS. Meow Meow Purr Purr Meow!


Abby loved the card (and the money that was inside it was nice too!) She said that this card has earned a place on her door, where she displays special things. And then she said, “Who knew the tooth fairy cat liked to craft?”

Funny, that mysterious tooth fairy cat *does* like craft. How astute of her to notice!


Supplies: stamping bella stamp, washi tape, copics


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